Customized Solutions
At Berlitz we focus on your goals

For more than 140 years, we have been applying our substantial expertise, experience,

and capacity for innovation to help our clients achieve their goals.

Berlitz – as a global leader in training – offers a comprehensive portfolio of authentic programs and content designed to help develop a workforce and leadership that have the confidence to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Content can be customized to align with business goals and professional development objectives coordinated between your company’s decision-makers and our pedagogical experts. Our tailored solutions are perfectly adapted to your requirements justifying returns on your training investment.

At Berlitz, we not only offer you a variety of training formats to meet every need, but also the valuable knowledge to apply right away.

Tailored content includes:


  • Industry-related language courses (Nursing, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Legal…)
  • Business Seminars and Workshops for your departments (Management, Human Resources, IT…)
  • Well-being Skills (Dealing with Change, Mindfulness for the Workforce, Stress Management…)
  • Competency & Communication Skills (Meetings, Presentations, Emailing, Working Remotely, Succeed as a Team…)

The Benefits:

  • Professional needs analysis
  • Customized content to meet employees’ requirements
  • Compact & goal-oriented training
  • Interactive and engaging content based on real-life simulations.
  • Quick return on your investment (ROI)