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And Achieve your Personal and Business Goals

BerlitzEnglish™ is offered in clearly defined 10 proficiency levels from a “Functional” to “Professional Level”.  The BerlitzEnglish™ materials focus on helping students achieve personal and professional goals through highly effective specialized content.  The program is developed in continuous and full cooperation with the reputable Harvard Business School.  

The BerlitzEnglish™ materials focus on helping you achieve your personal and professional goals through highly effective specialized content. This state-of-the-art language course combines the benefits of the globally proven Berlitz Method® and the latest research on language learning and retention.


BerlitzEnglish™ 1- 4


is aimed at functional and intermediate levels (CEFR levels A1-A2). After completing the course, learners are able to comprehend information on familiar topics in contextualized settings and hold sustained conversations with others on a wide variety of general topics.

BerlitzEnglish™ & Berlitz Business English - Levels 5-8

BerlitzEnglish™ 5-8 is aimed at upper intermediate and advanced learners (CEFR levels B1-B2).After completing the course, learners are able to communicate effectively, even in demanding situations (e.g. conducting a meeting).

Our program is adapted to your specific needs and increase your self-confidence in speaking English and empower you to succeed personally and professionally on the global stage. 

This program includes specialized courses aimed at learners interested in gaining both general business-English proficiency and the specific language skills needed from common business situations and job profiles, with topics such as:

Customer Service, Meetings, E-Mails and Business Writing, Social Situations for Business, Sales & Purchasing, Accounting, Human Resources, and Marketing & Advertising.

The Berlitz Method® 

Our Partners – Harvard Business School

CEF Levels Scale


  • Speak English with confidence: Courses that focus on speaking. You will enjoy learning to speak English just as you learned your first language with natural ease.
  • Small groups or one-on-one classes: The undivided attention of our instructors helps you reach your goals quickly.
  • Authentic and specialized content: You learn practical language skills that you can apply to real-life situations.
  • Results-oriented approach: We ensure learning is targeted to your needs and build in checkpoints to evaluate your progress.
  • Knowledge and expertise: Since 1878, Berlitz has taught millions of people to speak with confidence around the world